Choose just the right amount of oversight to match your needs. Take control of your finances and save time and money. For more information on the bookkeeping packages offered call us at 641-732-5841.

Your Base Package Includes:

  • Monthly issued financial statements: Allow us to efficiently generate the proper financial statements your business needs so that you can focus on running your business. If monthly financial statements are too often or not often enough we can adjust the timing based on your needs.

  • Detailed transaction input: To support your accounting needs we ensure all your transactions are properly input according to your customized accounting system.

  • Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts: We complete the process of matching the balances in your accounting records to the corresponding information. Doing this at regular intervals for all accounts, especially bank accounts, ensures your records are correct to better control finances such as the receipt and payment of cash.

  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reporting: Financial statements provide an ongoing record of your financial condition. Many creditors and investors use the Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet to evaluate your financial soundness and growth potential. We develop these financial statements to provide you a snapshot of the assets, how the assets are financed – whether with debt or equity, and the income and expenses incurred during a specific period of time.

  • Annual 1099 and vendor summary: At the end of every calendar year businesses are required to send 1099 reports to the IRS for payments made in the course of business. Tracking changes to the required deadlines and procedures every year can be exasperating. We provide you with a vendor summary if you wish to process 1099s yourself, however; this can be dangerous as penalties can add up quickly. Ask us for more information on how we can provide this service affordably and efficiently.

  • Accounting, Tax, & QuickBooks phone and e-mail support: The benefit of this service speaks for itself. Whenever you have a question or concern give us a call or send us an e-mail and a member of our staff available will help you with any question you may have.

  • Analysis report: Make timely, data-driven decisions including features such as forecasting, goal setting, valuation, industry comparison, and strategy building. This service is very helpful if you are interested in monitoring your expenses, setting growth goals, budgeting, and business planning.

  • Accrual basis: We record revenue when it is earned and expenses as they occur rather than when cash is received and paid. This benefit allows your financial statements to represent a more realistic picture of the business during a given period of time, and therefore; providing information to help your business long-term.

  • Consulting services: We offer more than advice and recommendations on business decisions. We are able to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations and provide solutions to the problem at hand. Whether it is implementing strategies to start a business, expand and grow your business, or assistance during a financial crisis, we will come to your office or meet with you in our office in person to suit your needs.

Your One-Time setup includes:

  • Chart of Accounts setup: Coding of income and expense transactions to make accounts more meaningful to you and your business so that you are able to make better business decisions.

  • Customized financial reports: Automate your financial reporting process to fit your needs to allow for better control of your finances and help you make more informed business decisions – in less time.

Your Hassle-Free Solution – In 3 simple steps:

  •          Choose your Base Package – Option 1, 2, 3 or 4

  •          Choose Add on Features

  •          Your Payment Options
    • Payment is due on commencement of work. However; as an option to help with your cash flow, you are able to spread the full cost over several months.
    • We can mail you your monthly bill.
    • We can setup an automated direct debit.

Choose the Strategy Right for You

  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Monthly Issued Financial Statements X X X X
Detailed Transaction Input X X X X
Monthly Reconciliation X X X X
Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet X X X X
Annual 1099 Vendor Summary X X X X
Enhanced Financial Control X X X X
Better Business Decision Making X X X X
Maximized Tax Deductions X X X X
Monthly Analysis of Financials   X X X
Phone Support     X X
CFO Advisory Services       X


Financial Statement Services We Can Provide

Financial Statement Preparation is primarily intended for your own use to have current information on the financial standing of your business and make decisions accordingly.

  •          We prepare your financial statements directly from the records you provide
  •          No formal report issued on the financial statements
  •          May fulfill some lenders’ requirements

A Compilation is intended for other outside parties who appreciate the business’s association with a CPA without requiring any level of assurance on the accuracy of the financial statements.

  •          Compilation report issued with the financial statements
  •          Required by some lenders when financing or credit are sought or significant collateral is in place

The Review service is intended for lenders and other outside parties to provide a basic level of assurance on the accuracy of the financial statements.

  •          A review report is issued
  •          Appropriate as a business is seeking larger and more complex levels of financing and credit

An Audit is the highest level of accuracy of the financial statements intended to provide creditors, investors, and other outside parties a formal report issued by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

  •          An audit report expresses an opinion on whether the financial statements are presented fairly, in all material aspects, in the accordance with the
              applicable financial reporting framework
  •          Appropriate when seeking high levels of financing or outside investors, or when selling a business


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